Friday, 9 January 2009

Satyam -Latest information

Mr.Raju surrendered to HYG DGP last night. Experts says that this was a wise movement from Mr.Raju. The main concerns now are

1. How many people from the corporate are involved in the sandal?
2. What about the future of the 53,000 employees?
3. Do the existing customers are willing to continue with satyam projects.?
4. Is Satyam going to pay salaries for the employees for couple of months. Rumors that Satyam does not have enough fund for paying off Salaries for the employees and they might layoff 10,000 employees or cut short the salary for the employees. However there are no official communication from Satyam on this.

Experts says that whatever happens, eventually it is the employees who are going to pay off due to any type of fraud from their bosses. That being a general statement, lets hope it will not happen with Satyam employees.

However personally I support Mr.Raju. I am not very sure about what inside the scandal issue. But from my understanding there are something bigger behind the scene.
Lets wait & see!!!!

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