Tuesday, 6 April 2010


here are certain links for mock exams to prepare for scjp 6.0

2. http://faq.javaranch.com/java/ScjpMockTests
3. http://examlab.tk/

Examlab is tough, but if you get 50% of score, then it is almost sure that you can pass the SCJP

All the very best!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

ICICI has removed the NEFT charges & HDFC introduced NEFT charges:)

Finally ICICI Bank not charging for the online transactions. That is good news for this new year!!!

But HDFC introduced the NEFT charges....

Real Estate comparison in Bangalore and Trivandrum

This is a just my observation about the real estate market in Bangalore and Trivandrum. I recently bought a plot in Bangalore !( can not say it is in Bangalore as the place is very far away from Bangalore city.)

I purchased a 2064 sq ft in xxxxhalli :-) in Old Madras Road. It is very near to the Volvo factory in Bangalore. It cost me around 9 lacs. I am not sure whether it was a good deal or not. But later I found that the local people sold that area to the builders for about INR 225 per sq ft. This is a rough calculation. But having said that, I am getting the advantages of a fully built Township features at my place. So I am consoling myself. :)

I bought a flat in Trivandrum in 2008. It is a 3 BHK & cost me 34 lacs. Again at that time I was hoping to increase the price of flat in future, but now if I buy the same flat, there is hardly any change in price or no change.

But at that time I had inquired the price in Bangalore as well. The price is drastically changed during these period.

But I know that the market value for a city like Bangalore is nothing comparable to Trivandrum and again I will say that it is good that the flat price has not come down in Trivandrum even at the rescission time:)