Monday, 26 March 2007

Indian Cricket

may be we were little more predictive about the Indian team. Most of the Indian fans including myself were in dream world of seeing the Blue team in final/semi finals. One way it's good that they crashed out in prilims.

may be they can learn some new lessons from Bangladesh and Srilanka. Hopefully they would do well in 20*20 world cup in september, in Johannasberg, SA.

I am not expecting any more Sachin,Kumble, Dhoni in the team. Wondering how Dhoni is in top 10 list :-), It's shame indeed.


Terrance said...

Ask your dream to to get a session on confidence and consistency...

High time to split them apart!!!!

After all, what are they training for if not to conquer the prestigious cup in Cricket... -nte pinnale nadannal ninte jeevitham koonjaattayaavullooo....They were never predictable for a win (yes, always secured unpredictable winning)

hoh...ethrekkum paranjappol oru samaadhaaanam...;-)

Prasanth said...

hi terry,

thanks for the comments. but what to do, being a Indian cricket fan, I need to express myself, right? well, I am not expecting too much them anymore :-)